Utilising technology to enable online engagement, capture supporter's thoughts, and encourage support for other vulnerable New Zealanders to experience Outward Bound.

“The success of this campaign provided fully funded courses for vulnerable NZ youth."

Through collaboration and early engagement, Western Mailing supported us to move away from a traditional print only campaign, to a targeted multichannel campaign with an online personalised survey. Providing this personalised online portal increased our response rate by 110%. The online data capture meant responses could be uploaded directly into our CRM, saving our team hours of data entry.

The benefits of working with Western Mailing has been strengthened thanks to our strong relationship with Stephanie.  She has an intimate understanding of what we do and has the support of a strong data analytics team behind her.  This has enabled us to successfully transform the way we engage, track our supporter journey, and automate the engagement statistics and responses back into our CRM.

The value provided by being able to engage through these different platforms – mail, email, SMS and online forms with automation, has significantly reduced the administration time and provided an amazing experience for our supporters. This was our first experience using a QR code to drive fast and easy online engagement. Due to the uptake, we will be utilising QR codes for all future campaigns.


Our expectations were greatly exceeded. The targeted customer experience considerably improved our engagement. Successful use of the personalised QR.

“The support we received from Stephanie and the Western Mailing team, was a huge part of us winning the FINZ Best use of Digital award in 2021 for our 2020 Supporter Survey.”

Georgia Ardill-Walker, Legacy and Philanthropy Specialist | Kaimātai Whakarerenga

Outward Bound New Zealand

Multi-Channel Campaign & Personalised Online Survey

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Western Mailing's paper wrap solution

AIM – to offer a more environmentally friendly solution for packaging (alternative to film wrap/plastic material & something a bit more creative than envelopes).

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