Western Mailing offers full-colour digital printing for everything from complex DM campaigns, booklets, and integrated cards to inkjet printing personalised information onto newsletters, envelopes or labels.

Full colour, large-scale digital printing

Our large digital printing platform can handle a large range of stocks and have impressive colour accuracy. This is ideal for high-quality prints with personalised content like names, addresses, data, images and graphs.

Full-colour booklets

Booklets are a breeze – we can produce booklets from DLE to A4 size. Digitally printed booklets can be fully personalised, automatically matched to letters and inserted in one pass.

Having a cost-effective 'print-to-booklet' process is very handy for booklets like bank or insurance information packs or membership packs, as you can be sure your client received the correct set of terms and conditions.

Integrated cards

Integrated cards are hard-wearing cards suitable for memberships, promotional vouchers, loyalty cards or promotional offers. The cards can be fully personalised and printed in full colour in one attractive A4 sheet.

On receipt, the customer can just pull off the full-colour card which is pre-printed with all the relevant details and slip it into their wallet, or peel out their parking permit or roadside assist sticker and adhere it to their windscreen.

Direct mail postcards

Postcards are extremely cost-effective and highly read direct marketing mechanisms. Your full-colour postcard can be custom die cut for extra impact and personalised information can be printed on the card in a single digital print process. We can use seamless film wrap to ensure your direct mail postcard arrives in pristine condition, or we can adhere an address label to the film wrapping so you can use the whole postcard for your direct marketing message.

Custom printing

You name it; we can do it, or get it done for you and manage your data and distribution.

From simple business cards and labels to full colour die cut and hand-assembled direct marketing campaigns with six different stocks and ten different personalised pieces to assemble by hand, we can take care of your communications.

Talk to us about how we can make your life easier with our printing services.

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Western Mailing's paper wrap solution

AIM – to offer a more environmentally friendly solution for packaging (alternative to film wrap/plastic material & something a bit more creative than envelopes).

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