Targeted online promotions, email marketing campaigns, print, and multichannel communications are simple and effective to run, with all the technology and resources we have available in-house.

Enjoy the flexibility of our extensive range of direct mail options including a range of personalisation options and finishing services. Our team of software developers and designers can make your promotional mail ideas a reality.

Personalised print and direct mail consultancy

Our sales consultants are experts in direct marketing and multichannel campaigns, so it is a great idea to talk to us in the early stages of your project. We will help execute your campaigns and promotions to ensure that the best options are presented and no great opportunities are missed.

We are happy to work directly with you or we can work collaboratively with you and your agency.

Creative, personalised direct marketing pieces

We can create a full range of direct marketing pieces from sophisticated die-cut multi-piece assemblies on a range of luxury paper stocks, to simple postcards with personalised details and colour-printed catalogues with a paper wrap or film wrap finish.

Use variable data to segment or target your message to increase your direct mail response rate and ROI. Add a personalised image to your promotional mail for added impact and wow factor. Email marketing campaigns with matching microsites are the online version of traditional print direct mail pieces.

Printing personalised communications, brochures, newsletters, booklets and postcards is a breeze with our large format digital printer and finishing services. A personalised full-colour postcard is an easy and affordable way to get in contact with your customers and can be die cut or colour film wrapped to improve cut-through in a busy environment.

We have the tools and experience to execute your cross-media campaigns over multiple channels. This is a great way to increase response rates and reach your target audience via their preferred channel. Learn more about multichannel campaigns.

Fulfilment letters and transactional mail

Drive response by leveraging your data. Combine our mail house services with our data capabilities to create relevant trans-promotional invoices and statements and well-designed fulfilment letters that elicit action.

Dynamic welcome packs

Pre-printed or personalised welcome packs can be film wrapped, inserted into envelopes or placed inside specially designed packaging to make your new customers feel valued. Add terms and conditions, information on your services or cross-sell other products. If you need to include a membership or loyalty card, we can easily include an integrated card. Learn about our range of finishing services.

Event Invitations

Create personalised event invitations with a personal response URL which allows prospects to RSVP with a few simple clicks. If you have a special event, we can help you make it personal. We can create personalised invites, custom event landing pages, reminder emails and SMS text alerts. We will record all RSVPs and updated customer information – and can create dynamic event welcome packs utilising any information entered by the attendee during the signup process.

eDM campaigns

Use variable data to segment your contact list and target your message to each customer. From basic information sharing to interactive campaigns like KiwiSaver updates or competitions – we can help you make the most of your customer communications.

Email marketing campaigns with matching microsites can work hand in hand with traditional printed direct mail and provide reporting on specific touch points.

Direct mail postcards

Promotional postcards are one of the most cost-effective and highly-read direct mail mediums. Die cut your full-colour printed postcard for extra stand out and add personalised information to drive response. Worried about your postcard DM arriving in perfect condition? We can use seamless film wrap to ensure pristine condition, or so you can adhere a label to the film wrapping and use the full surface of the postcard for your direct marketing message.

Integrated cards

Suitable for a wide range of uses from membership cards, vouchers, loyalty cards and parking permits, integrated cards are printed in a single digital print process on a full-colour A4 sheet. They can include personalised information, be a range of shapes and sizes and be laminated or plain to suit your purposes. Your customer can simply peel off the full-colour card and slip it into their wallet, or peel out their parking permit or roadside assist sticker and adhere it to their windscreen.

Personal URLs and QR codes

We can create a personalised direct mail piece combined with a custom landing page and email reminders to direct recipients to a personalised URL. Use the landing page to capture data and drive sign-up, and improve your database to enable highly personalised offers in the future. Ask us about PURLs and QR codes.

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Multi-Channel Campaign & Personalised Online Survey

Case Studies

Western Mailing's paper wrap solution

AIM – to offer a more environmentally friendly solution for packaging (alternative to film wrap/plastic material & something a bit more creative than envelopes).

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