Transactional mail services we provide include statements, invoices, renewal letters, online billing, and various other reminder letters and cross-selling letters. We specialise in the design, production and distribution of transactional mail including invoices, statements, notices and renewals, e-billing and online document retrieval.

Business-critical documents like invoices and renewal notices have a direct impact on the cash flow of your organisation. Western Mailing’s expertise in managing transactional mail can deliver substantial benefits for your business, and for your customers.

We provide transactional mail services to numerous banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, and many other businesses nationwide, which depend on us for extremely high accuracy and security.

High-impact communications that drive results

Transactional mail is designed to generate a response, such as a payment or membership renewal. We are happy to audit your existing statements and forms to identify any improvements that will enhance the content and readability of your transactional mail.

Online invoicing and online document retrieval service

If you want to send your customers bills by email and allow them access to their archived statements through a secure online portal, we’re happy to provide our online invoicing service.

Likewise, if your call centre staff need quick access to customer account information so they can assist with inquiries efficiently, we can help streamline the process by providing online document archiving services and reporting tools.

Personalisation drives response

Personalisation is an effective way to put a friendlier face on your monthly statements. We can include customer-specific content in addition to the usual transactional information.

Research shows that personalised content has a compelling impact on the recipient, and simply changing the look or improving the layout of a statement can make a document much more effective.

Benefits of outsourcing

Many businesses process their invoices and statements internally until the volumes increase to a point where transactional mail is much more efficient to outsource. That’s where we come in! Western Mailing operates large sites in Auckland and Wellington, which enable us to provide high service levels. We guarantee your company information and customer information is secure, and the integrity of every mail piece is maintained.

Dynamic transactional mail

For many customers, their monthly statement is their most regular contact with a supplier, so it is important to make it count. Western Mailing can insert a promotion directly onto a cyclical document such as an invoice, utility bill or statement. Using transactional mail for promotional work is very cost-effective compared to printing and inserting additional pieces.

Leverage your transactional mail by using these pieces to cross-sell and promote additional company information. Western Mailing can work with you to identify ways to reinforce your brand, build brand connections, and promote products and services.

White space on invoices and statements can be used for targeted and personalised promotions, new product updates, special offers and renewal reminders. The transactional mail piece is produced in full colour, including your business letterhead and footer and the promotional area.

Or maybe your message will get higher response rates on the outside of the envelope, with a colour-printed message maximising the impact of this valuable real estate!

Combining transactional mail pieces with personalised promotion creates a powerful path to market.

  • Dynamic content allows for the targeted promotion of relevant products and services to current customers. Segment your customer base and deliver the most effective message to each customer.
  • You can send different messages to geographical regions, or respond to purchasing preferences. You can employ just-in-time advertising, and send holiday greetings or renewal reminders.
  • Increase connection and trust by showing your customers that they are more than just a number, with targeted, personalised promotional messages.

Full-colour digital printing of transactional materials is almost cost neutral. The increase in print cost is offset largely by the savings on pre-printed shells, storage, and shipping.

Why dynamic promotion on transactional mail works

  • High open rates; more than 95% of all statements and invoices are read by the recipient.
  • Consumers spend an average of 2 – 3 minutes reviewing each statement received in the mail.
  • In general, consumers will only discard 4% of statements or bills without opening or reading them, compared to 49% of circulars and 73% of credit card offers.
  • Marketing messages on transactional mail pieces are more likely to be read and valued.
  • High-involvement transactional mail receives more attention than any other form of communication.
  • Transactional mail is often viewed more than just once.

Other ways to leverage your dynamic content in transactional mail include:

  • Affinity Marketing: increase revenue by cross/upselling or by selling ad space to business partners.
  • Cause Marketing: generate good feelings by advertising on behalf of a charity.
  • Closed Loop Marketing: Encourage the customer with a particular call to action and accurately measure the response rates.

Talk to our expert team about getting more responses to your transactional mail invoices and statements.

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