Western Mailing offers you the power and savings of full direct mailing services, combining printing and conventional mail house services with sophisticated data management capabilities.

Our professional team of direct mail specialists will carefully assess your needs and guide you through the most effective mailing solution to match your marketing requirements. Whether your target is B2B or B2C, our experienced team will discuss your business goals and offer technical advice on producing effective direct marketing campaigns that drive target market response.

Our team will discuss your business goals and offer technical advice on producing effective direct marketing campaigns that drive target market response. Data integrity and confidentiality are paramount.

Western Mailing can ensure your campaign is delivered on time and within budget. There are no restrictions on the size or complexity of your campaign, our team can produce anything you need.

Creative DM concepts

Besides taking care of the implementation of your Direct Mail campaign, Western Mailing can offer valuable advice on methods to maximise the effectiveness of the design and layout of your communications.

The use of colour, keyword positioning, and the overall layout all affect how easy your document is to read and understand. We can assist you with your form templates, envelopes, creative mail or standard letters.

Western Mailing can also combine email, print, SMS and web to create a custom multichannel marketing campaign for your business. Ask our team how multichannel drives direct marketing response rates.

Data management for DM campaigns

With our data management services, Western Mailing can help you to identify target customers and avoid costly waste of materials and money.

We can also parse, classify and adapt a variety of databases, convert, mine and combine the data to create an ideal prospect list that identifies the people you need to contact. We can load your customer list securely into our system, and if required, we can merge this list with prospect lists. We can eliminate duplicate records and certify that your mail list meets the current New Zealand postal standards, which may entitle you to lower bulk postage rates.

When your database is ready, you can make direct, personalised contact with the right people – at a fraction of the cost of most other forms of advertising.

Mailhouse services

Western Mailing offers a full range of services to help produce your direct mail. We are experts at producing and coordinating the various components of complex direct marketing mailouts. Our team can deliver envelope printing, personalised letters, colour brochure printing, sample preparation, die-cutting, folding, inserting, paper wrapping and film wrapping.

Our bar code assembly system enables swift machine assembly of multiple-piece direct marketing campaigns, and allows for personalised collation where the data defines which pieces are included for each recipient. Complex or unique direct mail campaigns may require our hand-line assembly service for compiling and collating the individual components.

Western Mailing offers all of these services under one roof, maximising efficiencies, and minimising time and expenses.

  • High quality personalised print
  • High speed direct inkjet addressing
  • Machine labelling and inserting
  • Machine folding, paper wrapping and film wrapping
  • Hand work and fulfilment
  • Postal sorting, postal lodgement

Working with you, or your DM agency

Whether you are targeting B2B or B2C, our service to you includes taking the time to discuss your long and short-term business goals. We will consider your existing marketing plans and offer you technical advice for simple or more complicated Direct Mail campaigns.

Western Mailing can ensure your campaign is delivered on time, to budget and return results – it’s simply a matter of knowing what’s available and where to start!

Contact us today to discover how Western Mailing can guide, manage and implement your next Direct Mail campaign.

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