This Supplier Code of Conduct (“the Code”) outlines our commitment, principles, standards, and expectations applicable to all suppliers providing goods, services, or works to Western Mailing. The scope of the Code includes Suppliers, Contractors, Consultants, Agents, and any other third parties (collectively, “Suppliers”).


Western Mailing is committed to ensuring great outcomes for our customers and communities, whilst maintaining a fair, safe, responsible, and sustainable approach to business.


Western Mailing expects our Suppliers to adhere to the Code in all their dealings with, or on behalf of Western Mailing and to share our commitment to our customers and communities. Suppliers, whether directly or through their supply chain, are required to comply with all relevant legislation and adhere to the principles detailed in the Code, as a condition of doing business with Western Mailing. Western Mailing expects that its suppliers will encourage and work with their own suppliers and contractors to ensure that they meet the principles of the Code.


Western Mailing acknowledges that achieving the principles set out in the Code will be an ongoing and collaborative process.

Western Mailing encourages suppliers at a minimum to:

  • Meet the principles set out in the Code or have established a clear goal toward meeting the principles set out in the Code.
  • Actively review, monitor, and modify their management processes and business operations to ensure alignment with the principles set out in the Code. We reserve the right to verify compliance with the Code and require suppliers to cooperate and provide supporting evidence upon request. This may involve self-assessment by suppliers, requests for further information, site visits or audits by Western Mailing or our agents.

Western Mailing expects that suppliers will notify us of any departures from the principles of the Code and that the supplier will take reasonable steps to address, remedy and prevent repetition of any actions that are inconsistent with the Code.


We will review the Code annually to ensure that the Code accurately reflects best practice.


We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to support and contribute positively to the requirements of our customers, employees, and all those we provide a service to.

Suppliers are expected to:

    1. Put people first by understanding, recognising, and being responsive to customer needs and expectations.

1.2 Interact with customers and communities in a way that respects and values their diversity.

1.3 Support the increase of diversity across a broad range of businesses.

1.4 Operate in a way that supports the social and economic wellbeing, and resilience of our communities now and into the future.

1.5 Work collaboratively with suppliers, partners, customers, and communities to deliver better outcomes.


We expect our suppliers to demonstrate a strong commitment to the health, safety and security of their employees, contractors, and visitors.

Suppliers are expected to:

2.1 Maintain a Health and Safety policy that is freely available to all employees.

2.2 Provide a safe and secure work environment for employees, contractors, and visitors by managing and mitigating risk and implementing safe systems of work.

2.3 Provide employees with appropriate training in safe work practices.

2.4 Comply with all relevant health and safety legislative requirements


We expect our suppliers to comply with international standards for human rights, to provide acceptable working conditions and to comply with relevant labour laws.

Suppliers are expected to:

3.1 Provide a workplace that is free from all forms of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and ensure this commitment extends to all aspects of workplace relations.

3.2 Promote an inclusive and respectful workplace where ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy, parenthood, and disability are no impediment to recruitment, promotion, and ongoing employment.

3.3 Not engage in practices relating to forced and compulsory labour at any stage of the manufacturing or service delivery process and ensure that all workers will be of the relevant legal age throughout the supply chain.

3.4 Support the compliance to prevent modern slavery across all engagements.

3.5 Ensure that all work is undertaken without coercion.

3.6 Comply with all relevant human rights legislation in respect of their employees and business operations.


We expect our suppliers to be committed to environmental sustainability, to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Suppliers are expected to:

4.1 Have an environmental policy that is proportionate to the environmental risk of their business operations.

4.2 Implement and maintain environmental management systems appropriate to their business make ongoing efforts to improve these systems.

4.3 Have (or be working towards having) environmental certification by an accredited organisation.

4.4 Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, and environmentally responsible business practices.


We expect our suppliers to comply with Western Mailing’s requirements relating to personal information, confidentiality, security, data privacy and intellectual property protection.

Suppliers are expected to:

5.1 Ensure that appropriate controls are in place to protect Western Mailing’s intellectual property and confidential information against unauthorised access, loss, and disclosure.

5.2 Comply with all relevant privacy legislation and associated regulations.

5.3 Have adequate processes and procedures in place to monitor compliance with privacy laws and contractual obligations.

5.4 Only use information received from Western Mailing for the purposes authorised by a contractual agreement.

5.5 Immediately notify Western Mailing if they believe access to confidential information has been given in error, and refrain from further distribution.

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