Speak directly to your customers with highly personalised campaigns, delivered in print, email, online and SMS

  • Effective one-to-one personal communication between you and your customers to build brand connection.
  • Coordination of multiple personalised communications pieces in a multichannel promotion.
  • All text, artwork, and communications can be dynamically personalised so each customer receives a perfectly tailored communication.
  • Flexible, beautiful, fully personalised digital colour print for a rich brand experience.
  • Smart, fully trackable personalised email and web page interactions.

Sophisticated personalisation including text, images, styles and tables

Imagine using an image like sand on a beach or an embossed name on a credit card, and creating a personalised version for each recipient. This is a striking way to grab attention in the first communication of a campaign or to create a compelling follow-up piece.

Western Mailing’s design team can take any set of data and dynamically generate stunning graphic representations including graphs, bar charts and tables. These work especially well for statements, usage breakdowns, and other analytics that are best grasped visually.

Taking personalisation to an advanced new level, the entire layout of a piece can be dynamically controlled using data-driven layers and pages, potentially giving each recipient a completely different look and feel, and including additional pieces as required.

Personalised online interaction and data gathering

To complement your campaign, Western Mailing designs and hosts highly personalised websites and emails with advanced personalisation options. These are especially effective for event registration, sales acquisition campaigns, customer retention programmes, self-registration and more.

Recipients can be sent a personalised PURL or web link, or a QR code with a pre-set password so their progress through the signup or enquiry process can be tracked and recorded against their record in the database, enabling reporting in real-time.

Activity on the website can prompt personalised follow-up emails with additional information; and all activity including data entry is logged in the database, informing future marketing campaigns.

Robust security enables bulletproof hosting and login processes, and Western Mailing provides a real-time web service that enables our customers to feedback on concept proofs, and once the campaign is running, access live samples and real-time analytics.

Electronic services include the creation of online landing pages, PURL production, email construction, SMS set-up and campaign testing.

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