Online billing solution

Western Mailing provides online invoicing (e-billing) for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies. This service means invoices can be sent by email or print, and customers can log in to access copies of their statements online. Moving to e-billing can remove overhead costs from your business, but robust online invoicing software is essential.

Our online archiving service provides online access for your staff or clients to monthly statements and promotional documents. We can create an email campaign to send them a personalised link to the relevant access pages.

Document archiving & management

A crucial process in any finance, insurance or telecommunications business, document archiving ranges from simple file storage to online solutions that allow your customer service teams or customers to securely log in and view, download or email transactional documents. With some of New Zealand’s largest businesses as clients, Western Mailing manages systems that receive millions of hits per month and store tens of millions of cyclical transactional files.

Benefits of document archiving

  • Self-service access reduces customer service calls
  • Use by your customer service team increases productivity and reduces expenses
  • Meets legal requirements and IRD purposes
  • Files are stored as non-proprietary pdf files
  • Documents are viewable in 3-5 seconds

Files stored are commonly cyclical renewal agreements or transactional documents such as invoices and statements, but any files can be stored if required.


Western Mailing provides email marketing software that allows us to create, oversee and report on bulk email campaigns. We can create personalised emails and ensure best-practise email marketing.

Custom-built online forms

Our custom online form builder offers the ability to create tailored forms to gather the information you need quickly, online. These can be populated by telemarketing teams, your customer service department, or your customers. Online forms can be used for competitions, collecting contact details and data verification. Customers can be emailed a personalised link that takes them to a webpage with a pre-populated form, where they can verify the data and can opt-in to receive newsletter mailings, enter prize draws, or request product information. The software automatically checks that the information entered is acceptable. Each customer’s identity can be automatically verified by cross-checking their licence number with their name and date of birth, and police checks can be carried out concurrently if required.

Print on demand

Western Mailing’s print-on-demand service means your business can manage cash flow and avoid storage costs for printed materials and simply print as much as you need when it is needed.

Proofing Tool for an easy, efficient approval process

Western Mailing provides our clients with online proofing software to enable swift, comprehensive proofing by all the parties involved, from your agency to your legal team. Eliminate time wasted on printing, sending printed proofs, consolidating and communicating all the feedback. By simply sharing a link, you can invite the relevant people to make suggestions, add corrections, even check measurements and draw right onto the proof. When everyone is satisfied that the artwork is perfect, you can submit your approval online, and we’ll get on with the project.

Secure file transfer

Western Mailing care deeply about providing our customers with world-class data security, we provide our clients with secure, encrypted file transfer service. We believe that ensuring our client’s data remains secure is of paramount importance, and continue to invest in data security across our business.

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