At Western Mailing we offer a complete range of finishing services and a complete fulfilment service for direct mail and DM campaigns:

  • Die-cutting
  • Integrated cards
  • Booklet binding
  • Guillotining
  • Handline assembly (for special items)
  • Film wrapping
  • Inserting and onserting
  • Folding

Collating personalised material

Barcode matching means we can insert multiple personalised items into one envelope – for example, we can automatically include a booklet, a personalised newsletter and a form in one envelope. Our automated inserting streams use barcodes to add the right items; and if you don’t want the barcodes on the finished items you can use our read and trim service.

Hand assembly

We have an incredible in-house production team who are experts in hand collation of creative direct marketing campaigns that require the human touch. No matter how fiddly or fragile, we have the team to assemble your direct mail piece perfectly.

Die cutting service

Our die-cutting services mean you can create an unlimited range of creative direct marketing pieces – talk to our team about your ideas and we will offer a range of envelopes and wrapping options to make them pop!

Folding services

The majority of direct mail is folded to fit into the envelope for mailing. Various folding formats are supported so you can use clever designs and ensure your creative message is visible.

Integrated cards

We can print directly onto sheets of A4 that include integrated cards for memberships, gift vouchers or discount cards. Personalised information can be printed in full colour onto both the letter and the card in one smooth print operation. The recipient can simply pull the card off the sheet to use it, as it will already be printed with all the required information.

Paper wrapping

Seeing the need for a more environmental option than traditional plastic wrap, Western Mailing sourced and installed the first paper wrap machine in New Zealand in December 2019.

This has been running since January 2020 and is proving to be a fabulous environmental option for our clients. Working within NZ Posts' strict postal guidelines our paper wrap provides a wonderful alternative for sending generic newsletters, brochures or magazines. It can also be printed on while wrapping with company logos and tag lines.

Film wrapping

Our recyclable plastic wrapping is an attractive, cost-effective alternative to envelopes for documents, magazines and catalogues. Additional inserts such as newsletters, customer communications and promotional flyers may be included on the outside of the main piece or inserted inside the front cover.

Bulk mailing services

Our production team provide full postal sorting to both New Zealand and Australian postcode systems. Normally all addresses have postcodes included and all personalised items are produced in postcode order. This means we can ensure maximum postal discounts for our bulk mailing clients by collating them into postcode number groups and regions before releasing them into the system.

Pre-print postcode allocations to client data can reduce bulk mail postal costs and is a service we often perform for our clients. In the event of un-coded NZ mail, we can offer full manual sorting to the postcode level to achieve maximum postal discounts for bulk mail postal lodgements over 300 items.

NZ Post lodgement

NZ Post takes delivery normally twice per day directly from our production facilities. Postal lodgement to alternative postal carriers can be made by arrangement. We schedule bulk mail processing to ensure that maximum discounts are available and passed back to our clients.

If you are planning a direct marketing campaign, talk to us now – we will help ensure your piece is cost-effective and looks fantastic. Or, if you need finishing services now, contact us!

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