At Western Mailing we handle a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Our data management services include secure delivery, data cleaning and sorting, archival solutions and self-service customer interfaces.

Depending on what you want to use your data for, we can help you clean and process your current data, source relevant mailing lists, or manage your online documents for you.

Data cleaning services

Data cleaning, verification, sorting and a Statement of Accuracy will almost always deliver better postage rates. Data cleaning encompasses data hygiene, change of address checking, de-duplication and file-matching. The result of this data cleaning is a gorgeous new customer list for your use, and if you obtain a Statement of Accuracy, you may enjoy lower postal rates.

Data hygiene
Duplicate removal
Address validation
Post code matching
File matching

Western Mailing uses software to correct casing and punctuation to create beautifully formatted mailing lists, and we will ensure that the address layout of your mail piece conforms to New Zealand Post’s standards.

Our sophisticated de-duplication service endeavours to ensure that each name and address will be mailed only once. This is a best-effort process and will be affected by the quality of the data supplied.

Western Mailing uses NZ Post certified software that allows address validation to be tested against published accuracy and quality standards. If required, we can also provide a manual address verification service, where the customer is asked (via mail, email, telemarketing etc) to verify their address and contact details.

Data sorting and splitting

Western Mailing can separate or exclude any customers you want. For example, you may not want to send invoices with balances under $5, or invoices for customers who have requested their invoices by email.

A Postal Presort will get you the highest possible bulk pre-sort discounts with New Zealand Post. Western Mailing can sort your mailing list by postcode and split your data files into a series of production runs to ensure that the job is printed and reconciled efficiently.

Your bulk mail can even be Sequence Sorted for the postal delivery run, right down to the street number, to avoid a handling charge from NZ Post for hand sorting. This service can provide cost savings on large-run jobs.

Sequential numbers and barcodes

Western Mailing places a 6 point font sequence number on all direct mail pieces. These unique ID numbers allow traceability and ensure quality control.

To ensure complete mail pack integrity, Western Mailing will generate barcodes on each page of direct mail and transactional mail pieces, allowing up to 50 page documents to be mechanically collated, folded and inserted into an envelope.

Barcoding also enables the automatic collation of personalised packs dependent on data. Different recipients can receive different versions of brochures, or different sets of collateral. The barcode system that will be used will support intelligent inserting of up to 3 selective inserts.

Targeted mailing lists

With a great prospect list and an attractive direct mail piece, we will ensure that you can accurately target your customers, and maximise your impact. Western Mailing can help you source both business and consumer data for targeted mailing lists. Business data can be selected by industry, organisation size and job title, while consumer data can be sourced either regionally or by demographic.

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